January 8, 2018

Clothing Design • Peach Wide Legs Pants

Clothing Design • Peach Wide Legs Pants

It is always important to have different options of garments in your closet. Even when you have found the style that fits you to perfection. These options does not necessarily have to be something you do not like or something that will put you out of your comfort zone.

This wide leg pants, is one of those situations that challenged my wardrobe. I am used to wear more fitted pants, but I still challenged myself and I went for it. This time I was invited to a wedding anniversary and I wanted to be a bit dressy but not too much, it was an outdoors setting in between casual and glam. I was so happy I chose to design this pair of pants because I could not be more comfortable the entire night, without compromising my chic, modern, elegant side.

I was able to make the top out of the same Linen material to go with a monochromatic look.

I can say to you guys, go ahead and challenge yourself and just be you!

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