August 27, 2018

When Summer Never Stops...

Custom Design • Bright Peach Dress

When summer never stops... (in my heart, head and style that is)

Being an islander with summer weather like all year round, I had nothing left but to dress for the only one season I got to live in. Fortunately, now I live in a country that allows me to enjoy all four seasons and I am beyond grateful for it!

I do have to admit that summer is always in my heart and even though Black is my signature color, I play around with pop of colors in my designs often enough.

This Bright Peach Classic Dress is very simple as most of my designs, with ¾ sleeves and knee length, it is a very safe choice to keep the warmness in your closet no matter what season. This dress as well as all of my other designs is very easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

I accessorized this design with the following:

2. Alphonsina handmade Black bracelets, special order only.

4. Black sunglasses.

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