September 3, 2018

Black Will Never Do You Wrong...

Custom Design • Black 'A' Skirt

Most of you know the color Black takes a huge part in my creative process. Everything I think of, before I create, is based on how good this design or that design will look in Black and then everything else. Call me crazy but Black means so many things to me, I find it so chic, timeless and sophisticated.

This Black 'A' Skirt is extremely simple, another quality I am very attracted to. It can easily be paired with different tops and pop of colors; it is absolutely comfortable with an invisible zipper closure in the back. But, best of all is 100% Cotton!! Since Phoenix AZ tends to get a little wild with the heat, it is a great idea to incorporate natural fibers in your closet.

I accessorized this design with the following:

1. American Eagle Ankle Boots. Find them here.

3. Silver Jewelry.

4. Navy sunglasses. 


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