October 29, 2018

Long Skirt Love...

Custom Design • Black Long Skirt

Long skirts have been part of my life since I am a teenager (just a couple of years ago...LOL!) Then I discovered pencil skirts and sort of forgot about my love for long skirts, not an ideal behavior...

When thinking of long skirts, some people tend to have this idea that they are not fun or modern.Then, I thought that maybe I should share with you my take on modest clothing and how it can be chic, classic and fun. When that post is ready I will let you know. 

Having said that, I am trying to make peace with long skirts by making a few more and will show them to you here.

This one has a semi 'A' shape with back invisible zipper, slit and back darts.

Styled With:

-Grey Low Boots. Purchase here.

- Grey Clutch Handmade by Alphonsina. Purchase here


October 8, 2018

Calming Blue

Calming Blue

Nothing like a classic, long sleeves dress in this beautiful and peaceful Blue.

Styled With:

• Black Laced Sandals


October 1, 2018

While In Phoenix...

While in Phoenix...

Each year all of us here in Phoenix experience Summers to a whole other level. Some years summer heat extends to fall months and it can get a little annoying at that point. Most of us have adjusted to it some others have not. Personally, I am not a shorts person but I decided to give shorts (on the modest side) a try and I have to say, I am very impressed! These pair of shorts were designed with straight legs, extremely comfortable, classic and, perfect for the hot months and even for the cooler months with pretty stockings and boots. 

Styled with:

• Nude Sandals

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