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Aug 14, 2020

3 Ways | Hot Pink Sleeveless Top


If you have been following for a while, you probably have notice that although I am the maker behind each and every piece of clothing in this blog. I am obsess with fashion accessories, some of them I can make like my bag and clutch collections found directly on the website Some other very much not like shoes and sunglasses. Nonetheless, I am definitely obsess. 

Now that I have gotten that explanation out of the way, lets move on to how cute this Hot Pink sleeveless top looks styled 3 ways with shoes!! There are many ways to style any fashion item, but because I love fashion accessories so much...You will mainly see me styling my clothing with fashion accessories vs layering different type of clothing items one of top of the other. At the moment I live in Arizona so we have to keep it cuter over here when it comes to the layering. The heat here is no joke! My approach of styling with shoes makes it more adventurous in a very classic and simple way. You will definitely see other styling choices but it will primarily be accessories. 

These 3 pairs of shoes I have chosen for this post are not recent purchases but are definitely part of my latest shoes shopping time. The pictures posted here are linked to my Amazon shop to make your shopping experience easier. 

Sometimes I will be modeling some shoes of accessories that are not longer available for purchase. They could be sold out or discontinued. When something like that happens I will suggest similar shoes or accessories that will complement the custom design of the week. 

Most of the accessories I will be sharing with you will come from either my own collections from my website or from my Amazon Shop. By following theses specific links, you will help my small business with a very tiny commission.  

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