August 3, 2020

Custom Hot Pink Set...Coming In Hot!!

MADE TO ORDER | Hot Pink Set

Believe it or not this item is a set! It looks like a one piece but it is indeed a set. Color of choice is hot pink because we all need to keep it on the bright side these days, including our closets. Like most of my clothing items, this set is part of my made to order collection and it can be found directly on my website under the made to order page. There is nothing like owning a unique, well made, custom piece! Let me custom make you one piece or your entire closet! ;) 

It can be made on any color from the sample chart listed online. 

I identify with minimal, classic, timeless pieces. The care and responsibility I take while making my products is to make each person proud of their investment. Many designers will sell you trendy items that are soon out of style and fall apart in one wash. My items are all made with quality fabrics such as Cotton, Linen, Silk and Wool...And will last and still be in style many years to come. 

Most of the accessories I use for styling my clothing come from either my own handmade accessories line or from my Amazon Influencer Shop. Please check it out, by shopping through my Amazon Shop is a very small way to help out my work with a tiny commission. I take my time putting together a list of curated items to make it easy for you to shop!

Link List For Your Convenience: 

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