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Aug 10, 2020

Made to Order | Coral Linen Dress

Made to Order | Coral Linen Dress


Let's start by admiring the color of this dress. I call it 'Coral' but what really comes to mind each time I look a this dress is a fruit I used to eat a lot in the Dominican Republic called 'Sapote' other name I found for the same fruit is 'Mamey Sapote' but we mainly call it 'Sapote' in Dominican Republic. Although its color is slightly brighter than this dress color; to me it is the same version of the 'Sapote' color.

Now that I am done with my fruit explanation, let's continue with other details of the 'Coral Dress'. All of the designs start with a inspiration board, then pattern making, cutting and lastly assembling. The process is long but well worth it, reason why custom design is on the higher price of the market. Although, I do not think it needs to be explained because they clients that choose custom made have plenty of reasons to do so. One thing that I tell people about why custom is on the higher end of pricing because #1, the process involved #2, it is an investment, #3 it is uniquely made with each designer taste that will attract the people looking for an individual design that they simply cannot find on regular markets, #4 mass production is not part of custom design process, most likely when purchasing one of my designs you will only get a handful of it because I have a set number for each design and then I stop making it and move on to the next. The amount of reason is greater than the 4 I have given you here but each person needs to see the value for itself. Sometimes when someone wants to justify why not to invest on something that they might not be interested in the item could be 'Free' and the answer will be is 'Too Expensive' still. 

Custom made pieces depending on the designer you choose to buy from are made with way better quality than most things you will get at a department store. I also like to compare its value with a stake dinner at a fancy restaurant, after you add the drinks and dessert to the main entree most likely you will leave with a $200.00/receipt in your pocket + tips...and you will not see that meal again unless you go back to the restaurant and buy it again for the same price over and over again. The same $200.00 or less could get you a custom made item that will last you a long time, sometimes generations depending on have been purchased. This analogy goes not only to fashion but to other things you might be considering to purchase. 

The lightness of this linen makes it perfect for Summer. The short sleeves are just the cutest ever and with simple darts and straight cut is what it makes this dress the perfect combo.

Moving on to the shoes I used in this week's post, they are an old pair of 'Coach' I was gifted to a while back and the word 'Drooling' is an understatement, lol! Simply put I love, love, love these shoes. They heel, the color, the combination of the colors, the buckle, the crossed style in the front and all of the above. These pair of shoes will make you feel like the princess we all are. At least I feel good like I should...! ;)

The belt, it is also handmade with the same linen material of the dress and it is my signature belt. There are other colors and length in the website. Same price for all. 

The Black tote bag is part of my handmade bags collection. This particular one is sold out. I have been working on some new bags and I will upload soon. 

I identify with minimal, classic, timeless pieces. The care and responsibility I take while making my products is to make each person proud of their investment. Most designers will sell you something that in one wash is gone, my items are all made with quality fabrics including: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool and there are made to last. 

This is just not another fashion piece is an investment piece! Later on I will share different ways I have styled this amazing design so you can enjoy its versatility and how much use you can take out of your investment piece. In the meantime check out its movement in the video I made for it. To place your custom order go directly to the website Also, check out custom order process here.
















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